These elegant pocket side shorts are from hand-woven silk fabric. They feature a distinct and exclusive graphic design that represents the signature aesthetic of our brand. Not just another pair of shorts, they epitomize the artistry and creativity that set us apart from the rest.

The wide-leg design of these shorts is not just about comfort, it’s a fashion statement in itself. This style provides a relaxed fit, perfect for casual gatherings, or more formal occasions. It’s a versatile piece that effortlessly transcends different settings, maintaining its elegance and charm throughout.

One of the defining characteristics of these shorts is the addition of two large patch pockets on each side. These pockets are not merely functional but also serve as a design element, adorned with gleaming golden buttons. These buttons add a touch of fantasy to the shorts, providing a delightful contrast to the sophisticated silk fabric.

The hand-woven silk used in crafting these shorts ensures not only a luxurious feel but also a lightweight and breathable experience. It’s the ideal choice for warm weather, allowing you to remain cool and comfortable while looking chic and stylish.

With these pocket-side shorts, you’re not just wearing a piece of clothing, you’re making a fashion statement that reflects your discerning taste. Whether you’re seeking a summer outfit, a stylish look for a social event, or simply a piece that exudes individuality, these shorts are a versatile and elegant choice. Embrace the combination of artistry, comfort, and uniqueness that these shorts represent, and let your style shine.

To create a unique outfit look, combine these pocket side shorts with our cute cropped jacket.